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Wanna tell your favorite B5 member exactly how you feel about them? Well send us your letters and we'll post them here on the site and maybe B5 will read them!

Dear Carnell,
 Hi my name is LeTia and I swear to you I am your biggest fan.Here are some reasons why:
  1. I love your sexy looks
  2. I love your bright smile
  3. I love your great personality
  4. I love that you are shy because I am too!
Sometimes when I see you and your brothers on tv I wanna jump in the tv and kiss you!
You're probably thinking I am so desperate but even though I have a boyfriend he'll never compare to you!!
                                     Love your biggest fan LeTia

Dear Carnell,
Words cannot describe the way I feel about you! You are so cute and fine!! Whenever I see a picture of you my heart starts to race!! I heard that you are smart and that's great because I can actually have a conversation with you! I think you are great! Out of all your brothers I think you are the best!! I know I will probably never meet you or see you! But you said you would go out with a fan! Hopefully someday I will be able to meet you!! To you and your brothers keep doing what you guys do BEST!! You guys are the best group ever! And you all are my favorite singers! If you actually are reading this Carnell please email me at

Dear Bryan,
        My name is La'Kenya aka Ki Ki I am your biggest fan my mama even made a website for you (its this website, her name is Kandace) if you ever get a chance to read this please email me at as you can see so far I am the only gurl who has written a letter or poem about you so please if you get the chance email me!!!!

Love your #1 fan,
               La'Kenya Taylor aka Ki Ki


Dear Dustin, 

         I was watching TV, board out my mind. I kept asking my mom to get out of the house. But she kept telling me I need time to unwind. As I changed the channel to 472. Five beautiful boys, especially you. Out of your brothers It was you that I think is cute. Just looking in your eyes I feel as if I knew you. Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned into Months all I could think about is you. When I write my songs, all I could think about was you. I went on the net and got pix of you and your bros. It makes me feel safe and confident knowing that you and your brothers surround my door. Because of you, you inspired me to keep writing my songs. Because of you I have the guts to try out of the “Talent Contest” for the city (there are going to be talent scouts there too) and I’m not that kind of person. I’m, well I have never told any one that I can sing. The only person that herd me sing, well to tell you the truth  was my mom and that was when I was in the shower( she started to sing with me). I’m not those kind of people that say, I go up to people and say hey how you doing. But Dustin you help me to reach out to people with my voice (already went to try outs every one was amazed. Even myself I couldn’t believe I sang in front of Judges.) All I want to say is thank you thank you very much. You brought the shyness to out spoken in the shy little me. You are my everything; you’re my big and only inspiration for doing this. Don’t let me down by doing something stupid and quitting after this year. B5 has to keep going, because you may have inspired many other people like me.

                                                                              Your #1 inspired fan,




                                    LUV YA #1FAN,

Dear Carnell,

       My name is Tasia and you are the sexiest B5 boy. Patrick might be cute, but I'm really feeling you.Well I just wanted to say that I think shy boys are cute. And also that I am ya biggest fan. And hopefully I will see you at King of Prussia mall because  I am coming to see you. And I could be ya gurl if you gave me a chance. Ya cute, smart, and shy and that's what I like about you.Bowwow ain't got nothin on u sweetie.

                                  Holla at gurl,

P.S. I'm turning 14 October 5 HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
e-mail me at
or im me at

dear parick,
                    i am truely one of ur biggest fanz and im gonna be real with u at first when i saw u i wasn't all that in to u but when i actually saw u sing and perform i was drawn to u like and magnet no lie.i dont know why but there is always some thing sexy about a guy who can sing dance and look good that is a recipe for patrick breeding lol(sorry im so goofy trust me if i say even one word everyone will start to laugh what can i say im funny).OMG i'm even shy writing this letter i'm shaking right now but i know u get this all the time but i love u and thats from the bottom of my heart i dont want 2 be just a fan 2 u i wanna be more but its funny i'm sayin all this and u dont even know me or u might not even read my letter or even we wont ever get to meet at least not right now i'm like half way across the world frm u im in the uk.i dont wanna be like them other girls who r jus to rude sayin stuff like patricks mine and haters leave and all that i dont mine other girls liking u that jus proves how sexy no how beautiful u really r i love u so much thart if u get a girlfriend (which im sure u have or maybe u dont have time 4 one) i'll be so happy for u cause a true fan would be and would want to c u happy u deserve a girl who would love u no matter what who understands the pressure ur dealing with in the music industry and some one who u can jus chill and snuggle with everyday lol plus who would always be truthful to u from the start.anyway thats all i have to say until the day we meet im not say good bye im not say farewell im say c u later cause i have a feeling we will meet i LOVE u patrick so much and no one else. 
                                         love frm one of ur BIGGEST fanz Nancy p.s. can can really dance 2 like usher when we meet maybe u can teach me what u know and i'll teach u what i know it will be fun.

Dear Dustin,
First of all I wanna say that I'm not one of those crazy physco girls that love you because your famous. I like you because I think your drop dead beautiful, and I wanna know you as a person not as a celebrity.
I love YOU not your fame and Im pretty sure if I would have met you before the fame I would have had a huge crush on you.
Love always,

Dear Carnell,
        OMG..... I love you soooo  much! Your the sexiiest guy ever in life! I dont know what is is,  but I cant ever stop thinking of you. You're always in my mind. I llove all of B5, but your my favorite one... I LOVE YOU!!!! I dont kno why, but I feel like I know you and your brothers. I think its because of all the bios I read and just by listening to your songs. I can relate to them even though I never had a boyfriend (or first kiss). I wish that you could be my first bf. That would be perfect. Your my inspiration. You inspire me to do things i never thought about doing. I want to know you, i mean really get to know you. I want to know everything about you. I would do just about anything to meet you.
P.S. Even though your probably not even reading this, please e-mail me at and I love Carnell Breeding!
                                                    Love Carnell Always,
                                                                    Jamie (muahz!)

Your letters could be her too! Just send them to us!



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