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**¡Those Beautiful Voices!**
"Hydrolics B5 ft Bow Wow"

Ever wondered what B5 says when they sing your favorite song? Well check out the lyrics section of the site!

*Lyrics Spot*

*P.S.--> The lyrics to "Someday At Christmas" have been posted!!!

Here's some clips from B5's self-titled debut that just dropped!!! If you haven't already, GO GET THE ALBUM!!!!

.:Music Clips:.

*All I Do*


*Tell Me Why*

*Nothing Bout Me*

*Watch Me Now*

*We Be The One*

*Dance 4 You*

*What's Poppin*

*Your Way*

**NEW B5 SONG!**
The latest B5 song, "Dry Your Eyes" has recently been released on the internet!!! It was originally performed by 3rd Storee (do yall remember them? They had a song called "Get Wit Me" featuring Joe Budden and they were the guest stars on the Proud Family a while ago) but now they've blessed the song with their beautiful voices and if you'd like to hear it, the link is right here--> B5--Dry Your Eyes! For a limited time only! (Thanks to Jazmine from the new B5 Fanfiction Board!


The date's finally been set! On July 19th, B5's self-titled debut will be released!!! Make sure that you go get it as soon as you can!

"All I Do"

B5's hit single, "All I Do" has been playing everywhere on the radio and the video premiered on TV in January. Make sure to vote for them on BET and Launch!

"You Got Me"
B5's next single is going to be ::drumroll::... "You Got Me"! The world premire of the video will be on BET's Access Granted on May 18 @ 7:30, and song hittin the radio and TV pretty soon! As soon as I can I'll get the song put on the site so keep coming back!

"CD Track Listings"

1. Intro

2. Let It Be

3. All I Do

4. U Got Me

5. Teacher's Pet

6. Dance For You

7. Heartbreak

8. Let Me Know

9. Nothin Bout Me

10. Back In Your Arms

11. No More Games

12. So Pretty

13. U Don' t Know

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