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*Nothin Bout Me*


Nothin Bout Me

[Verse 1: Dusitn]
Your friends say I'm just a player
But girl I'm just tryna love you (love u)
We've been together for so long
Why would I wanna do you wrong

[Bridge: Carnell]
Girl they dont know nothin bout me
What will it take you to see
That my love is true (and only for you)
Girl don't know what else I can say
My heart is in the right place
I live for you (you know that I do)

They say that I hurt you
They say I dont deserve you
But they dont know nothin bout me
No they dont know nothin bout me
Your girls are hatin
I cant believe what their sayin
Cuz they dont know nothin bout me
No they don't know nothin bout me

[Verse 2: Dustin]
You know when we are together
All we can see is each other
We both know that they just jelious
Me break your heart baby never

[Bridge repeat]
[Chorus repeat]

[Rap: Kelly]
I mean it when I said you my world so don't trip
The only thing you hear from your girls is more lip
I would never holla at them you know that
Remeber girl we started as friends we go back
They say that I'mma hurt you they wrong completely
The only place they ever see me is on TV
I can't plus security is all around me
I've always held itdown why would you doubt me?
Honestly what would you do without me?
Believe me your friends know nothin bout me!

[Chorus repeat]

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